Can I give up now?

Giving up...

When is it OK to give up? Something or someone gripped you with such passion, such purpose and you gave it everything you had. And the result was not what you wanted. In fact, it was a disaster. Is it OK to give up?

Yes...if it was your idea, your passion, your purpose. We all know those things come and go with our emotions. Your all-consuming fire one day may be nothing but a spark the next. That's fine. You're human.

But where did the idea come from? If your drive and goal came from somewhere other than your own fantasy, then you don't have the option of giving up. It's not your decision.

As a Christian, striving to listen to God's voice, I have to know where the passion originated. Was this God's doing? Is this God's assignment for me right now?

If the answer is yes, then I don't have the option of giving up. It's His party. Discouragement can come in waves, despair can flood my soul until I can do nothing but tread water and pray for help. But I can't give up.

When you give up, you lose. As long as you hold on, keep going, keep believing, keep trying, you're in the game. You have a chance to be used by God, part of his unfolding plan. God can only steer a moving ship. When you give up, you're already dead in the water, good for nothing but sinking.

Tighten your grip, take a deep breath, squeeze your eyes shut if you can't stand to watch, but don't let go. Don't give up.

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