Random Things About Me?

If you're bored enough to want to read this, I guess I can try to stay interested long enough to think of some. Here goes:

1. My ideal life would be to live by myself in a snug log cabin in the Rockies with a couple of great dogs, five years worth of firewood, my laptop, an unlimited bank account, and a hardy Jeep. (I'm also dimly aware that I would probably tire of this within a week, but it's nice to imagine. Maybe it should be a vacation.)

2. I wish I knew what to do with my hair.

3. I am more blessed than the huge majority of the world's population.

4. I used to be a ventriloquist.

5. The bags under my eyes were not always there.

6. My fourth-grade son was right when he commented: America needs another Great Awakening.

7. My husband is a very long-suffering man!

8. Caramel Macadamia Nut cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory is truly a creation sent by God and will most certainly be in Heaven.

9. My kids are turning into magnificent human beings--in spite of me!

10. Growing older doesn't bother me--looking older does.

11. I'd rather build things than cook things.

12. I've never been skiing. Just looking at it makes me tired.

13. I'm looking forward to the Empty Next Syndrome.

14. I'm wondering how much longer God can stand us.

15. I'd considered becoming a police officer, but don't trust myself with a gun around jerks.

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