I Got You, Babe!

"I need her in my life, Mom," sighed 13-year-old Micah as we gazed at the online picture. Three-year-old Vayda, soon to be renamed Babe Ruth, was up for adoption by her breeders, due to the closing of their breeding business.

We both melted at the sight of the purebred Irish Setter her owners were giving away to the "right family." We decided on the spot that we were the right family.

So Sunday we'll travel to Arkansas, 4 1/2 hours away, to pick up Micah's new best friend. She'll be spayed, resign from the puppy business, and take up residence on Micah's bed.

Our five-pound Maltese, Yankee, will have a far different opinion of the addition to the family, but she'll have to adjust. We all will.

Welcome home, Babe.

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Anonymous said...

Just skipped over from Rachelle's blog party to say "hi" (Wasn't it fun?)

I can relate to your canine addition. I've loved, bred, trained and shown Shelties for 35 years and always had 2-5 at any one time, plus an occasional Labrador Retriever. I also ran a dog show business for several years so got to admire lots of different breeds, such as your Irish Setter and your Maltese. Ours were always canine children first and showdogs second... great companions, and a good source of ideas for my writing.

I enjoyed your post and will be back to read more.

Carol Garvin