This is my new lighted picture over my work station. Isn't it gorgeous? Scenes like this reach out and pull me right into the place until I can almost smell the spruce and pine, feel the snow-chilled wind whip across my face, and hear the echos bounce from ten rocky peaks.

Beaches do it for me too, but mountains...I don't know, there's something about them. Nature in all its wild beauty reminds me how much bigger the universe is than whatever problem I might be fussing about. Its vastness, untamed, helps me keep life in perspective. "What is man that Thou takes notice of him?"

So I sit at my computer and lift my eyes every so often, breathe in the pine-laden air and have an instant vacation. Colors look more vivid, the senses more alive, and I can return to my work in progress with more vigor.

What inspires you? What mini-vacations do you give yourself to keep recharged?

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