Are You on the Plane?

You can't wait to get to New York!

You've never been there and heard it's fantastic. The sleek jet is waiting for you and you admire it's crisp lettering, shiny silver body, and powerful engines readying for takeoff.

You get on and peek shyly down the aisles. Flight attendants move briskly about, looking efficient. You stand in the doorway and take note of the colors, the seating arrangements, the refreshments offered on the cart. You settle in the open doorway, one foot on the ground, and memorize the exit plan.

Your cell phone rings and your friend asks, "Are you there yet? How's New York? How was the flight?"

You frown in disgust. "I don't understand this. I heard this was a great airline. Other people have gotten on these planes and been in New York within a couple of hours, but we're just sitting here! This is ridiculous! I must have gotten a bad pilot or something."
You snap your phone shut and glare out the open door,
where your one foot still rests on the ground.

"Ma'am, you have to get on the plane if you want to take off," says the flight attendant for the tenth time.
You glare at her. "I AM on the plane, can't you see? What's wrong with this bucket? Why aren't we going anywhere? I guess flying just doesn't work for some people."

She smiles a tired smile. "We're not going anywhere until you get on the plane. You have to be on the plane ALL THE WAY or you may as well not be on it at all."

In order to get where God wants to take you in life, you have to get on the plane. 

However, most of us spend our lives with one foot on the ground wondering why God's plan just isn't working for us.

We think we can maintain a teensy bit of control, hold the Veto power, 
clutch that habit, that passion, that sneaky little sideline...
and still get where we want to go.

It doesn't work that way.

If you're weary of trying to get to New York by yourself,
if you can't figure out why life is not working for you,
if you're afraid you'll have to walk the whole way by yourself,
just get on the plane.

All the way.

And shut the door.

Trust me, the pilot is the best,

and you'll love the ride!


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