You Might Be From Oklahoma

For all my fellow Oklahomans, some observations about our grand state and its people.

You Might Be From Oklahoma if:
  • You’re wearing shorts and flip-flops to gather firewood for tonight’s forecasted blizzard.

  • You think people from the other 49 states talk with funny accents.

  • You hear someone with a northeastern twang and wonder if English is their second language.

  • Your safe-room is better furnished and cost more than the rest of your house.

  • You see a demolition site and wonder how big the tornado was.

  • You don’t find it at all unusual to see a herd of cattle grazing in someone’s front yard.

  • Your idea of going to the beach is to wait for the big spring rain and watch the river come to you.

  • You have yet to go from one town to another without paying a toll.

  • You have or know someone who has experienced a family split over the Ford/Chevy debate.

  • You know the proper use and recognize the misuse of the word “ya’ll.”

  • The fake accents in the musical Oklahoma grate on your nerves.

  • You think California pretty much gets what it deserves.

  • You find the term “Bible belt” condescending.

  • You’re starting to get a little aggravated about all the illegal Mexicans swarming into your state.

  • You think the Second Amendment is part of the Ten Commandments.

  • You know people who would walk out of the hospital on two broken legs rather than miss hunting season.

  • You consider anyone living north of Kansas a liberal Yankee.

  • You’ve ever been asked if people in Oklahoma live in teepees and drive tractors to work.

  • You’ve ever been asked if you have an oil well in your backyard.

  • You’ve ever HAD an oil well in your backyard or driven a tractor down the highway.

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