The Tightrope Walker

Does your life ever feel like this?

You put one foot in front of the other, balance for a second and whatever you do--don't look down!
I am learning that following God's call on my life is like walking a tightrope. The direction is clear, the goal is obvious, but getting there can be frightening.

I used to think the sense of nearly falling meant I was doing something wrong. But I'm learning it means that I'm doing it right.

When I follow the path God has set me on, it can look overwhelming.

"Are you sure I can do all that, Lord?"
And He says, "Absolutely not. That's why I assigned it."

On that tightrope, the ground is several stories below. Nothing holds the guy there but a thin connection to the other side. Destruction waits him if he should slip, and that thought crowds his mind as he takes the next step.
And when we step out to follow God, nothing but a thin strand of faith connects us to Him. With every step, we become more aware that without Him doing this through us, sure destruction awaits. As long as we focus on Him, the surety of our calling, and the victory at the end, we can walk with confidence.

But the moment, we take our eyes off Him and look down, we're in trouble.

What keeps most people from walking a tightrope? The risk.

The same thing keeps most people from following God.

Too scary. He might require more of me than I want to give. What if he sets me up and then disappears? It looks too hard.

But most professional tightrope walkers will tell you there is nothing like the thrill they feel when they step foot on the other side. Mission accomplished.

And there is nothing like the thrill of walking hand-in-hand with the Creator as He accomplishes more in your life than you ever imagined. You look back at that tightrope and wonder how you did it.

You did it because you refused to look down. Refused to drop your gaze from the One who was coaxing you across. Refused to look at how impossible it was, how improbable that someone like you could do such a thing. You just did it. You felt his hands over yours, His feet nudging yours across, His quiet encouragement.

So readjust your gaze. Stabilize your feet. Take a deep breath. Purpose never again to look at the ground. Why should you? It's not your destination, the other side is. The One who called you won't let you fall.

So, get ready. Get set. Take another step.


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