Get the Picture

I bought a new camera.
All I want it to do is snap quick pictures.
That's all!

I do not wish to converse with it in Japanese.
I do not wish to make videos, television shows, crop, slice, edit or otherwise mess with my pictures while they are in the camera.
I just want it to take a picture.

Those cameras are hard to find.
I can take pictures with my cell phone, my iPod, and practically every device I own except my old camera.
It wanted to do the Tango instead.

So I bought a new one. The quality is okay,
but when I look at the picture compared to what reality looks like, I'm frustrated.

The green is so much greener in real life, the lavender brilliant.
Our house is yellow and those roses are wild fuchsia
But in the photos, they look faded.

And a flat screen can't capture the fragrance of the honeysuckle just out of sight, the spicy hint of the iris, and that distinctly spring smell of freshly mowed grass.
The greatest camera on earth can't capture that.

And what about the feel beneath my feet of soft green grass, the scratch of the tree bark, and the gentle caress of a warm breeze.

These are only pictures, never to be mistaken for the real thing.

You can see what the front of my house looks like, but that's not the same as being here.

A relationship with God is much like that.

We read about Him, hear sermons about him, pray, and seek Him.

And then we get a taste. Just a hint of His glory. A flash of insight. An electrifying encounter that lifts your soul from your body and leaves it hanging suspended between Heaven and Earth in a moment you never want to end.

A glimpse of His majesty is enough to take your breath away. Like a shadow in the corner of your eye, it's there and then it's gone. But you saw it. You know. Nothing can convince you otherwise.

But it's only a taste. A picture. It cannot possibly encompass the reality of being in His presence when all senses come alive and we experience Him in person! That's what makes Him so amazing. He's impossible to describe. You just have to know Him.

That's what makes Him God. He cannot be adequately described or experienced in this life.
Every attempt is only a faded picture.

It can be frustrating at times, but would we really want a God who could be captured in a snapshot or encompassed by a human brain?

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