The Daddy/Daughter Dance

Her tiny toes pressed against the size 11 shoes as they swung into the daddy/daughter dance. Far above her head, Daddy smiled as he maneuvered through the tricky steps, avoided the other dancers, and managed somehow to keep time.

All she did was hang on.

When the music ended, applause rippled around the room and she stepped carefully off the shoes and blushed with pleasure. What a thrill it had been! Yet, she could have never done it alone. She'd have been lost among the moving legs, stomping feet, and dance moves she'd never learned. But with Daddy here, all she had to do was hang on.

Life is a daddy/daughter dance and we don't know the moves. All God requires of his children is that we cling to him with everything we've got and trust that He knows the moves. Trust means that we can swing through the crowd of confusing choices, potential dangers, and shaky circumstances and not let go. Our hands may get a little sweaty, but that just makes us cling more tightly.

So many Christians white-knuckle their way through life, straining every spiritual muscle to accomplish things for God. Trying...trying again...trying harder...

How exhausting it is!

We have somehow gotten the notion that we have to do God's work for him. That he is incapable of getting anything done here on earth unless we dive in and do it for him. Where do we come up with that?

God knows the dance. He knows the music. He wants us to rest on his feet and let him do it all.

Are you trying to do the daddy/daughter dance by yourself?

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