One Size Does Not Fit All

Yeah. WHOA...!

Does one size really fit all? I think the photo answers that sufficiently. That guy should never have stepped foot inside that car. Wasn't made for him.

We can snort at this guy,
but what mold are you trying to squeeze into that doesn't fit?

  • Do you hold up someone else as the epitome of what you should be?
  • Does the mental image of someone else's accomplishments feel like a blow to the stomach?
  • Do you berate yourself because you're you and not someone else?
  • Have you ever thought that you trying to be someone else might appear to others the same way that photo appears to you?

We humans are terrible about comparing our pitiful achievements to someone else's victories and using them as whips with which to flog ourselves. Christians don't necessarily score any better.

Paul wrote of this very thing when he compared us to the body of Christ and reminded us that no member was more important than any other member. Every body part is important and we are never more aware of this than when one part is missing or malfunctioning. When your toe hurts, the entire body is incapacitated. If your thumb is missing, it affects everything you do.

And when one of us tries to fit into the mold of another, we can become as ridiculous as that guy in the teensy car.
If you are where God put you, doing your best at whatever He's asked you to do, then smile. You're extremely valuable. You don't need to squeeze into somebody else's car. Drive your own.

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