Cold Eggs, Anyone?

The breakfast looked good. Susie had tried her best. It was the loving thoughts of an eight-year-old that counted, after all.

Surprising Mom with breakfast on her birthday sometimes sounds better than it tastes. A plate of bacon and eggs doesn't have a lot of appeal after sitting on the table for half an hour, waiting to surprise Mom when she gets up.

Of course, I ate it valiantly, bragging on it all the while. Had to choke down the last piece of stiff toast, but I did it.

But why wasn't it as tasty as it looked? Had she intentionally chilled it?

What does it take for something warm and inviting to grow cold?

Absolutely nothing. Simply remove it from the heat source and it grows cold by itself.

Jesus warns in Matthew 24:12 that near the end of time, "the love of many will grow cold." Have you ever wondered who these people are? Have you ever wondered if you will be one of them?

What does it take for a heart to grow cold? The same thing it takes for a plate of bacon and eggs.


Simply remove yourself from the ongoing warmth of a relationship with God and you will instantly begin to chill.

  • Get a little too busy to pray.
  • Forget to read your Bible. Again.
  • Church services seem stale.
  • Serving God starts to look like a lot of work.
  • God becomes just another thing on your To-Do list.

It doesn't take much before a heart once warmed with the fire of passion for God becomes cool.
It starts with a little thing: A prayer goes unanswered. A tragedy goes unexplained. God no longer seems like your friend. He's become a heavenly jokster, using you for comedy relief.

Your attitude shifts. Resentment creeps in. Distance multiplies and your love grows cold.

The solution for my cold breakfast was to keep it under heat until the moment I was ready for it. The solution for our cooling hearts is to guard our intimacy with God like a buried treasure. Unless we are active in keeping our hearts near the warmth, we will grow cold.

  • Do you guard your worship time against every intrusion?
  • Is your relationship with God the single most valuable aspect of your life?
  • Would you rather go hungry than lose that intimacy with God?
  • Is the Lord your God a consuming fire in your soul?

If you stumbled over any of those questions, you are in danger of being one of those Jesus was talking about. It won't be intentional. You probably won't even notice it happening, but your love for God will grow cold and it won't take much for the world to stamp it out entirely.

If you don't appreciate cold eggs for breakfast, just remember God doesn't appreciate cold hearts for fellowship.

When the tough times come, will your love grow cold?

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