It's a Jonah Day


Ever have 
a "Jonah Day?"

  • You gave that extra effort and it was thrown back in your face. 
  • You did your best and someone else got the credit.
  • No one appreciated you, clapped you on the back, or even said thank you.
  • You got overlooked, overworked, and taken advantage of.

And the ones who did it are just fine. They skated away on the wings of glory and you were left in the dust.

Then the mean thoughts start:

"It's not right that they be forgiven for what they did."
"God is just too long-suffering with people like that."
"How can they call themselves Christians?"
"After all I've done for them, and that's how they treat me?"

Grumpy and pouting under your vine, you watch with furrowed brows as the ones you're growling at seem to prosper.

It's a Jonah Day.

The story of Jonah is one we can all identify with--if we are honest with ourselves. Jonah looked at that city full of sinners and felt like we've all felt at some point--"Why do you love them, Lord?"

I think it is interesting that the story ends abruptly without telling us how Jonah resolved his issues. We can fill in the blanks and make it our story.

What's got you aggravated right now?

Is there someone you are not willing to love?

We are all going to have Jonah Days from time to time, but it's crucial not to let them define you. Our frustration at sin and human error too quickly becomes disgust at the sinner. God never does that. If we're not careful, Jonah Days start to become a Jonah Life.

So sit under your vine for a while. Soon God will remind you that you were once one of them and he didn't give up on you.

Then let the vine shrivel up and get back to what He's called you to do.

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