Even Socrates Needs Jesus

He slouched across from me, a study in practiced nonchalance. He had no problems. Needed nothing. Knew it all, thank you very much. 

He smugly informed me of his high IQ and his skepticism toward all things spiritual. His philosophy degree had destroyed any innate ability to think clearly and his mishmash of pseudo-facts about the Bible and Christianity in general made it difficult to resist the urge to be sarcastic. He was only here because his second wife was divorcing him and if his presence in counseling could help straighten HER out, he was willing to stoop to such nonsense.

As he sauntered away from our first session, I washed my hands of this client. He wouldn't be back. I wasn't sorry.

But the Lord said, "No. I want him."

Over the next several months, he was on my heart continually. I prayed, interceded on his behalf, and kept his name before the Lord. And he kept coming back. At first I wasn't sure why, but the raw hunger in his eyes behind the arrogant mask cried out for something real. 

We debated, parried, and sorted through the conglomeration of half-facts and misconceptions that made up his spiritual knowledge. Every session was a two-hour apologetics challenge that left me drained and wondering if this was going anywhere. 

His wife divorced him, but he kept coming back.

I sent him home with every book from Strobel to Lewis and finally he agreed to take a Bible, New Living Translation because he had "issues" with the King James.

The mask began to slip. The Holy Spirit, whose existence was in question, began to work in his heart. He started attending church. "That preacher was talking right to me," he complained one week. "It was like someone had told him about me. That's never happened before."

And then last week, the questions and doubts turned to faith and "Socrates" entered the kingdom of God. The new air of humility was my first clue that something had changed. His humble apologies to his ex-wife was the second. He'll be baptized this week.

There is no one too lost, no one too angry, proud, or skeptical to withstand the power of the Holy Spirit. When God calls your name, you can't help but hear it. You can resist it, fight it, turn away. But if your heart is hungry for something real, no amount of philosophical reasoning can satisfy it. Only a relationship with the living God can do that.

And now young "Socrates" will spend forever in the presence of God. And with me. We can continue our discussions--from the same perspective this time. I'm looking forward to that.

Welcome to the family, little brother.



Anonymous said...

What a victory!!! Praise God!!! Stay on the firing line, Lea Bee!!

Lea Ann McCombs said...

Still glowing with joy over God's victory in his life! I'm pretty sure the angels are still rejoicing over this one! I know I am.