The Vote is In

 The election's over. Thank goodness!

Many are rejoicing; many are depressed.

We've come to the days when the issues are no longer murky. They are no longer political. In past eras, the debates were focused on taxes, roads and bridges, and how many tanks to supply the military.

But no more. Since the early '80's, the weight of public concern has shifted from the external to the internal. From economic to moral. From right to wrong.

Most Bible-reading Christians were disheartened when Obama won again. He represents everything Christianity rejects, and vice versa. How could God let this happen? Doesn't he care about America?

As I was praying for the election last Saturday evening, I cried out to the Lord, "How can professing Christians vote for that man? Don't they hear him? Don't they see? Otherwise right-thinking people seem blind to the fact that this man supports everything that You hate. He exalts sodomy, destroys pre-born children, and has thrown your nation Israel under the bus. What's going on, God?"

A scripture blazed into my mind and hung there, dangled before my mind's eye like a flashing marquee. It is found in Judges 14:4. Samson had demanded that his parents get a Philistine woman for his bride. They were horrified! No self-respecting, God-honoring Jew would marry a Philistine. Those people were evil! God''s enemies. What was their son thinking?

Then the Bible says, "However, his father and mother did not know that it was of the LORD, for He was seeking an occasion against the Philistines."

This vile, reprehensible act that came from Samson's own lust was actually approved by God! Not for the reasons Samson believed, but for reasons in God's own heart.

God uses our bad choices to accomplish what he wants to accomplish. Often, it is judgement. We got the President we deserve. And God will use it to accomplish what must be done in this rebellious nation. 

I knew Saturday night who would win this election, but it was with a heavy resigned heart that I heard it officially announced. I don't welcome the destruction that we are headed toward, but I know that ultimately God is in control and His purposes will be accomplished. 

I trust him. He is good and He knows who His children are. He won't forget us. And it will be alright.


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Anonymous said...

So true, Lea Bee. You're right on as usual. We have to keep looking up even in this very difficult time. Thanks for sharing your insight. Jackie