Happy 2014

I don't make resolutions, but this is my prayer for the New Year. Maybe it will guide your new year too.

"Father, I so thank you for the season of fruitfulness You have given me, but I am asking for a double portion next year.
Would You give me a double portion of grace to shower on those around me?
A double portion of humility, kindness, and love that my flesh would not taint Your work.
A double portion of wisdom and knowledge to share with a despairing world.
A double portion of lost souls that You allow me to bring into Your kingdom.
A double portion of contentment that Your joy might be evident in me regardless of my circumstances.
A double portion of spiritual gifts that would broaden my borders and reach those otherwise unreached.
A double portion of ability that my writing would continue to impact hearts around the world for your glory.
A double cleansing of my heart that I might remain a clear channel through which Your rivers of living water can flow.
Double my opportunities to deliver Your message to those desperate for hope.
And above all, may a double portion of Your Holy Spirit be upon me that I might serve you better.
Your supply for all my need is limitless so I will thank you in advance for everything you are bringing me next year.
In Jesus' name, Amen."

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