It's Her Fault

Over the last few years, as I have worked with many couples in marriage counseling, a pattern has emerged.. Many times, when I ask the husband about his spiritual life, I can't get a straight answer. He cannot own his lack of spiritual growth without blaming his wife. Wives don't seem to do this as much. It tends to be a male trait.

As I pondered the reasons for this,  I remembered that the first husband did the same thing with the first wife. God asked Adam about his spiritual condition, and God couldn't get a straight answer either. To the question: "Adam, did you disobey me?"  Adam replied, "Well, that woman you gave me, she..."

I want to respectfully challenge Christian husbands to consider this: Do you hide behind your wife's imperfections when God challenges your spiritual state? Are you secretly blaming her for not becoming the spiritual leader of your home? Have you justified your own lack of growth by focusing on hers? If you were honest with yourself, are you falling into the same trap that Adam began?

God isn't buying it. He sent Jesus to free us all from the power of Adam's curse. No man or woman, husband or wife, has the power to prevent us from experiencing all God desires to do in us when our hearts are surrendered fully to Him.


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