Stop Looking at the Ground

Very early on Sunday morning, just at sunrise, they went to the tomb. Mark 16:2 

The best day of their lives began as the worst day of their lives. Imagine the sleepless night Jesus’ friends and family had! They had just witnessed the bloodiest, most unjust murder in history. When their friend, son, and Master died, He took their dreams with Him. When they started toward the tomb that morning to anoint Jesus’ body, the women could only look at the ground, agonizing over problems. How would they roll away the huge stone? How would they access Jesus’ body with all those guards there? And then they looked up. Their questions were human-sized; the answers were God-sized.

When we wake each morning, we are often greeted with pounding questions: How will I…? What will happen…? What if…? As we move toward our day, we are usually looking at the ground, limited by our own understanding. But when we choose to look up and focus on God’s unlimited resources, no situation is hopeless. When we begin the day on our knees, God can show us our life from His perspective. Problems have purpose. Our questions are human-sized; the answers are God-sized.

Are you looking at the ground? What if you started looking up and expecting God-sized answers?

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