Lone Sheep Don't Make It


A wolf paces at the edge of the woods, eyeing the flock of sheep grazing just out of reach. He’s in no hurry. He knows that to attack the whole flock would be suicide. The shepherd and the angry ram would defend them. He’d been on the receiving end of those horns and that shotgun and had no intention of tangling with them again. So he waits and watches as a lamb inches away from the flock, enticed by the tender blades of grass near the woods. As the flock moves slowly away, the lone sheep pays no attention. When the flock is too far away to interfere, the wolf makes his move. The poor lamb never saw it coming.

The Bible often compares us to sheep (Is. 53:6; Ez. 34:32). We are vulnerable to attack and often defenseless without our Good Shepherd and our “flock.” Satan, the wolf, prowls at the edges of the flock, waiting for the one who wanders away. He’s ready with his false doctrine, false promises, and false confidence to entice that lone sheep into his lair. “You don’t need them. They hurt your feelings. You’re too good a Christian for that bunch. No church is spiritual enough for you.” He has an endless supply of traps that a lone Christian will fall for without others to pull him to safety. Just as the sheep need the flock, we need each other. God has given us His church, His family, to keep us safe from predators. Only foolish lambs wander away.

Have you fallen for one of your enemy’s traps? Stay with the flock so the Shepherd can protect you (John 10:11).

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