Who's Teaching?

everyone who is fully trained will be like their teacher. Luke 6:40 

We all had those teachers we loved. They may have been tough, but we learned from them. Something about the way they presented the material lit a spark of interest. We discovered a talent or passion within ourselves that we did not know was there until that teacher brought it out. As we developed that skill, we may have subconsciously patterned after that teacher.

We have other teachers as well. Our five senses receive information continuously and our brains process this information in ways that may surprise us. Advertisers know this and pay huge amounts to subtly interject their brand names into movies, TV

shows, music, and print medium. Fads, pop culture, and the heroes we choose all contribute to the way we see the world and ourselves. It is important that we recognize who and what is teaching us because Jesus warned that we will be like our teachers. When we notice character flaws, sin strongholds, and harmful thinking patterns, it could be that we have some teachers we did not know about. A wise person learns to identify and eliminate those “teachers.”
 Who are your teachers? 
Who or what are you allowing to speak into your life? 

You can evaluate the quality of a teacher by asking yourself: “Does this draw me closer to who God wants me to be or push me away?”


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