Gender Wars

He created them male and female, 
and he blessed them and called them "human."  

Genesis 5:2

Facebook has decided there are 51. New York City offers only 31 choices, but that number will increase soon because humanity is giddy with excitement over its new toy: gender selection. We have decided that we can choose our gender the way we choose a flavor of ice cream. However, gender is no more our choice than whether or not we breath oxygen. God has declared that there are only two: male and female. Our gender is assigned to us at conception, through our DNA, just like race, height, and eye color. No amount of body mutilation or mental confusion can change what God has declared.

Our value is not up for a vote either. God established the value of human beings in two distinct ways: when He breathed His own life into Adam (Gen. 2:7), and when He took on flesh to became one of us (John 3:16). God did not become a puppy or a dolphin. He took on human flesh because humans were most like Him, with a spirit like He has. No sane person lays down his life for a goldfish, a rabbit, or evolved pond scum. When God sent His Son to rescue us, He declared the value of human life. No matter what we’ve done, our value can’t change because God already set it. Your gender is His choice; your value is His choice. Every human being, male or female, is created in God’s image, useful for God’s purposes, and worth God’s Son.

Just as you cannot change your gender, you cannot change your value. God has already set them both.

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