What's Molding You?

And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind… Romans 12:2

Your mission, Jim, if you choose to accept it, is to convince this people that their leader is against them.” In the classic TV show Mission Impossible, no mission was impossible. One of the IMF team’s favorite tricks was to use their incredible mask-making skills to fool their enemies. They made a mold from the face of the bad guy, then poured Rollin’s rubbery mixture into that mold, and Voila! The mixture conformed to the contours of the facial mold, and once hardened, became just like it. The mold created a mask that made the good guy look exactly like the bad guy. Enemy defeated. Mission Accomplished.

Satan does the same thing with our lives. Imagine the Evil Commander issuing an order similar to the one Jim received: “Your mission, Demon, is to convince God’s people that He is against them.” He does it by making a mold of himself, and then seducing us to pour our passions, time, and attention into it. He parades his superstars before us—the-rich-and-famous, and the famous-for-being-rich—and then suggests: “Be like them.” When we focus on his idols, we become like them. His work is so thorough, we can attend church every Sunday and never realize we are wearing the mask of the enemy. But God’s solution is to transform us by His power through His Spirit. He invites us to pour our passion, our will, and our surrender into His word. When we do, we conform to His image and Christ’s character appears in our lives. Enemy defeated. Mission Accomplished.

Whose mold are you conforming to? 
Use the mirror of God’s word to study your reflection.

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