A Wake-Up Call

It's a sad thing, the death of a young, beautiful woman in some freak accident that was so avoidable. Natasha Richardson's death this week is a tragedy, but it reminded me how close my family came to the same thing.

Natasha died of an epidural hematoma, bleeding on the brain from blunt trauma. Her symptoms sounded so familiar, I felt a chill: seemed fine after hitting her head, walking around.

Our Susie did the same thing. At age 11, she hit heads in the swimming pool with her little brother. A lot of screaming and yelling, but how bad could it be, right? Two hours later, we couldn't wake her up. The next two weeks were the most frightening of our lives as she underwent brain surgery and we sat by her side for a week while she lay in a deep coma.

God miraculously restored her, although she will always have physical and educational challenges. But we're not complaining. Natasha's story is another reminder of just how much we've been given.

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