Bewildering loss

OK, I've just lived through a new level of horrifying.

My brother and I went in partners on a little herd of steers--some of whom turned out to be bulls. (If you don't know the difference, don't read any further!)

It's a routine operation to, shall we say "alter their manhood," to make them more docile and gain weight for resale. My brother has done this little procedure countless times, but today, something bizarre went wrong.

After cutting two of the bulls, he worked on number 3 and completed the operation, turned the new steer out into the corral, and all seemed fine. But within fifteen minutes, we saw intestines and guts dangling out of the poor beef's midsection! Never seen anything like it before!

We got him back in the shoot, and he went down, guts hanging out, bleeding out! As though his lower midsection had just ripped open!

To spare you further gore, I'll skip to the end which involved having to shoot the poor beast (8 times! Cows won't die when you shoot them in the head. I TOLD the men that!)

So our little herd of 8 is now 7, and we are left bewildered. If any veterinarians are reading this, clue me in.

Leaves me also wondering: Lord, was that really necessary? What's the purpose in that? $450 just shot through the head. Is there a lesson here? Haven't found it yet.

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