How Old Are You?

A couple Christmases ago, we got the kids a Wii.

The three-page letter of appeal from my 13-year-old son didn't hurt either. It was pretty funny, but showed promise. Takes a really cold heart to turn that down. Who taught that kid to write?

By the day after Christmas, I hurt in places I didn't know I had. Who would imagine that a silly living room toy could provoke such physical contortions? My muscles and I had to sit it out for a day or two.

Then I found the Wii fitness test. Through a series of sports tests, the stupid-toy-that-doesn't know-anything rates your physical fitness age. You can probably guess by the previous sentence that my "age" was not a flattering number. I won't go into it. I'm still bitter.

But that got me thinking--as everything does. My so-called fitness age was nowhere close to my actual birthday count. I should have scored much lower and now that I've seen it for myself, I have a goal. Sometimes it takes a little wake-up call for us to see ourselves in comparison to where we should be.

What about spiritually?

Does your spiritual and psychological maturity match the number of years you have supposedly been growing? Millions of people claim to have known and followed Christ for decades. Yet, their lives are virtually indistinguishable from the masses who never made such claims.

We've all heard them: "Oh, I got saved back in VBS when I was a kid."

"I walked the aisle at a Billy Graham crusade in '76."

"Oh yeah, I've gone to church my whole life."

America is teeming with people who've signed on the dotted line somewhere back there. Yet, if Wii had a test for spiritual fitness, where would they score?

What would your score be? Does your walk with God, your personal lifestyle, your daily choices match what you claim to be? You may have considered yourself a Christian for 30 years, but is your spiritual score still in elementary school?

Paul scolded the early Christians for this very thing, reminding them that they should move on, get past the "milk" of the Word, and become capable of counsel and wisdom themselves.
Where are you in your journey with God? Are you leading? Mentoring? Leading others to Christ? Setting a Godly example?
Or are you still on the receiving end? Requiring others to help you, teach you, be an example to you? Are you a spiritual giver or always the taker?

In a society where it is easy to call yourself a Christian, the word has lost its meaning. Like the proverbial frog who found himself in a pot slowly boiling, I fear we as a nation will wake up one day and find ourselves in hot water. It will no longer be easy to be a Christian. Where will you be then?
As we head toward a new year, I challenge you to make it your goal to mature. Ask yourself the hard questions--allowing no excuses: Does the number of years I've known Christ match the spiritual maturity level of my lifestyle choices? Should I be further ahead in my spiritual growth than I am?
Give yourself a Wii fitness test. It's never too late. God is as close as your bended knee. It's time to grow up. Adults have more fun!

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