So You Think You Know Your Bible

The last quiz was to let you test your biblical knowledge. This one will test your spiritual knowledge. They are not the same thing. See if you can tell the difference.

1. What is Jesus called in John 1:1?
a) The Lamb of God
b) The Word
c) The Way, the Truth, and the Life
d) The Son of Man

2. In the Old Testament, Moses is a type of ________________?
a) leader
b) priest
c) Christ
d) hero

3. Jesus said that the only sin that will not be forgiven is blasphemy against whom? (Matt. 12:31)
a) Him
b) The Father
c) the Jews
d) the Holy Spirit

4. According to the Bible, the “sinners’ prayer” guarantees salvation to whoever prays it.

5. Jesus said, “Narrow is the road that leads to _________, and few are they who find it.” (Matt. 7:14)
a) Hell
b) Life
c) God
d) Sin

6. Jesus said that the Father desires us to worship him in __________ and in __________. (John 4:23)
a) spirit, truth
b) holiness, righteousness
c) church, the world
d) honesty, integrity

7. The Bible says that spiritual people can judge the behavior of others. (I Cor. 2:15; 6:2)

8. Jesus told his disciples that it was necessary for him to go to the Father for what reason?
a) So he could come again
b) So they could become witnesses
c) So the Holy Spirit could come
d) So he could begin to pray for them

9. How many apostles were martyred?
a) All of them
b) 9
c) 10
d) 11

10. Paul wrote that he longed to know Jesus in the “…fellowship of his ______________.” (Phil. 3:10)
a) glory
b) suffering
c) righteousness
d) power

11. According to I John 2, anyone who claims to know Christ but continues to choose sin is  _______.
a) a carnal Christian
b) doing his best
c) a liar
d) learning

12. Jesus made a clear distinction between being a Christian and being a disciple.

13. The New Testament makes it clear that our battles are against ___________ . (Eph. 6:12)
a) evil people
b) spiritual forces
c) foreign armies
d) anyone who does not agree with us

14. How many days did it take God to create the world? (Exodus 31:17)
a) 6
b) 7
c) 8
d) They were not real 24-hour days

15. According to Romans 1, homosexuality is _____________. (Romans 1:21-28)
a) an alternate lifestyle
b) a sign of changing cultural values
c) a sign of a reprobate mind
d) a sign the Bible is out of date

16. Since Christ has made us free, we should __________. (Gal. 5:13)
a) limit our freedom in order to serve others
b) do anything we like with a clear conscience
c) enjoy it and not worry about what anyone else is doing either
d) stick to the Old Testament law anyway

17. Jesus said if we don’t  ____ our families in comparison to him, we can’t be his disciples. (Luke 14:26)
a) love
b) live for
c) ignore
d) hate

18. If a person prays in tongues and no interpreter is present, he should _________. (I Cor. 14:28)
a) Stop praying in tongues
b) Pray to himself and to God
c) Find an interpreter
d) Understand that tongues are not of God

19. The Bible tells us that it is appointed unto man once to die and after that, __________. (Heb. 9:27)
a) purgatory
b) heaven
c) the judgment
d) another chance

20. Contrary to popular opinion, Jesus said that he did not come to bring ________. (Matt. 10:34)
a) turmoil
b) judgment
c) life
d) peace
Answers: 1. b, 2. c, 3. d., 4. False, 5. b, 6. a, 7. True, 8. c, 9. d, 10. b, 11. c, 12. False, 13. b, 14. a, 15. c, 16. a, 17. d, 18. b, 19. c, 20. d
How’d you do that time?

I have included the scripture reference where each answer is found. Let the ones you missed motivate you to study for yourself. I hope that considering these questions has stirred your heart to know God better.


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