What About Aliens?

So what do you think about the possibility of intelligent life forms on other planets or galaxies?
Some would argue that we have a shortage of intelligent life forms on THIS planet, and there are days I would agree. My son Sam and I have had many lively discussions on this topic and he loves the idea that there COULD BE...

I have to agree. Anything is possible when we get into the unknown. We do know from Scripture that there is definitely life in the spirit world. Angels, demons, Satan, and who knows what else that we cannot even fathom. Even God is described as a spirit, so there is clear evidence for intelligent life outside the human realm. But that's usually not what is meant by "aliens" on other planets.

However, when it comes to aliens, I strongly doubt that such "little green people" exist on any realm. As I've explained to my son, I believe the Bible gives a pretty clear picture of God's focus in creation when he created the heavens and the earth. Granted, he could certainly have created other realms at other times. However, we know that only on Planet Earth did he focus his attention and affection in the sending of his only Son. Human beings were created in the "image of God," and had that occurred before or in another galaxy, I think it would have been mentioned at least in passing.

If such little green men do exist, they are in no way equal with mankind, because they were not created in the likeness of God nor did Jesus go to redeem them. I believe much of the hoopla over the idea of aliens is quite evolutionary in origin. After all, if man simply evolved from ancient slime, then it stands to reason that the same thing could have happened on another planet as well.

There is a strong push in our world to cheapen the meaning of human life. The politically-correct attitude of late has reduced the status of the human soul to the level of a technologically-savvy chimp. What better evidence of our evolution than to find human-like creatures who are not really human? Or even better, a life form more advanced than ours.

So that's my take on aliens. I could be wrong, but I see absolutely no reason to think so.
Had you ever thought about it like that?

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