Simon, Simon, Simon...

(Part One in the Disciples Series.)

"Simon, your Torah rabbi came to see me. Again!"

Simon's mother stood in the doorway, frowning at her son. What a boy! Torn tunic. One sandal flopping. He gave her a jaunty wave as he tumbled past, tripping over the door post.

"Why can't you think before you act? One more trouble and they will throw you out. Oy! You'll send me to my grave before my time."

She rolled her eyes heavenward and twisted her hands in her apron. Would he ever amount to anything? Impetuous. Hyperactive. Lord, help us. Flunked Torah school. Ach! Such embarrassment! He'd never be a rabbi like Martha's son. Why couldn't she have birthed a nice quite boy like those gentile's down the road? Tabitha's son, Luke? Now that was a nice boy. Gonna become a doctor, that one. Make his mother proud.

"But my Simon..." She blew out a heavy sigh and tuned one ear to his new plan for building a boat that could hold three days' catch without sinking. Boats and fishing. That's all he talked about. One more year in Torah school and then he'd be off her hands. Out there on the sea with his boats and his fish. He'd probably stay there until he died. Nothing could tear that boy away from the water. Nothing.

The underachiever.

The hyperactive kid no one expects much from. Can't seem to sit still. Always dreaming, planning, overly eager to please and never quite getting it right.

Was that you?
Someone you know?

Jesus knew exactly what Simon was like. He took the flighty, impulsive Simon and transformed him into Peter the Rock. In the hands of Jesus, that bold impulsiveness became the foundation of his Church.

Don't underestimate your weaknesses. Jesus loves them.

In His hands, they become strengths.

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