What's the Price of Your Soul?

A year or so ago, I wrote a post called "Would You Sell Your Soul?" It was based on a book called I Sold My Soul on Ebay. The author was an atheist who made an offer on Ebay to attend whatever religious organization the highest bidder chose. It was an intriguing story, and one I recommended every Christian read.

I have been amazed at how many hits that blog title has taken, according to Google. That caused me to start thinking about the people who are coming. What questions must run through the mind of someone who would type into the Google search box: "Would I Sell My Soul?"

The idea of having the power to sell out to something for a price can be intoxicating. We like to think of ourselves as masters of our own fate. "Nobody tells me what to do" sounds powerful and egotistical. Especially in America, freedom of choice is a familiar chant. The movie Indecent Proposal starring Demi Moore created a buzz back in the 90's with the idea of selling sex for a million dollars. Many women asked themselves, "Would I do it?"

Would you do it?

Would you sell your soul? Your body? Your children? For the right price?

The idea of such power is intoxicating--and one you are already making, whether you realize it or not.

The truth is, if you have not made room in your life for God, you have already sold your soul. Whether you intended to or not, the moment you take your last breath, your soul is stamped SOLD. No changing your mind. No excuses. No self-righteous explanations.


Many people like to think of themselves as free agents.
  • "I follow my own path."
  • "No one owns me."

They are fooled. They are fools.

If you have not freely given yourself to God, you are already owned by Satan.
There are only two choices.

Those who reject God's free gift of salvation through Christ are selling themselves every day. They sell their souls for the sake of immoral sexual relationships, a little more money, FUN, fame, popularity, and a host of other fleeting attractions that end up owning them. And they tell themselves that is freedom.

Your soul is the prize in an invisible war. You may never know about it until it's too late. But your choice today determines who wins your soul for eternity. You may think you would never sell your soul, but without Jesus, you already have.

So, what is the going price for a human soul?

What's the price for yours?

If you'd like more information, visit this link: Where Am I Going When I Die?

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