Think Like A Champion

Have you watched some of the Olympic athletes warm up before competition? Almost all of them have ear-buds plugged securely in their ears. They are jogging, flipping, stretching, and preparing physically and mentally to go out and win.

So what are they listening to?

Winning is as much about mental preparation as it is about being physically in shape. The most athletic body in the world is not enough to earn a championship. The real work starts and ends in the mind. And the experienced competitor prepares his or her mind before competition as well. Each athlete has a favorite song or group of songs that inspires, challenges, and encourages. As the body is being stretched and prepared, the spirit is being recharged as well. Uplifting lyrics, adrenaline-inducing melodies, or peaceful strings prepare the heart of the future champion.

As followers of the Lord Jesus Christ, we are also engaged in a battle to win. Our enemy is prepared and we must be too.

What are you using to pump up your spirit? What are you listening to that challenges you to stand strong in your faith? What lyrics, melodies, and ideas are coursing through your brain? Do they inspire you to press on for the Lord?

Think about it. Are you preparing yourself to be a champion?


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