Abundant Generosity

Max Lucado, in his book It's Not About Me uses this story to illustrate the generosity of God:
The owner of a restaurant offered to treat everyone on her son's Little League team to breakfast. The next morning, the team and their families stood in line and chose what they wanted from the lavish buffet. The hostess stood next to the cashier and as each invited guest came through the line, she murmured to the cashier, "No charge. He's a friend."

But not everyone in the restaurant was treated this way. Others sat at tables far away, alone, paying their own price because they did not know the hostess. "Though her generosity was abundant, it was not universal. Those who did not know her paid a price."

On the Great Judgement Day, millions will stand in line. The sins of each will be boldly displayed. No one is more deserving of eternal life than any other. But Jesus stands beside the cashier. For those who know Him, He whispers, "No charge. He's a friend." His generosity is abundant, but it is not universal.

The world has come up with thousands of plans, religions, and ideologies that they hope will serve them well in the end. They have recreated and redefined God to mean what they want Him to mean. But all of that will vanish when we stand in line. 

The only question that will matter then is: Do I know the Host?


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