Who Are the Victims?

As I watched the videos of the Boston bombings, I was struck by something. While understandably masses of terrified people began to run away from the site, there were some who began to run toward it. Their focus was on rescue, helping, offering themselves if needed to save someone else.

How like God. As I watched these brave rescuers, I was seeing the hands and feet and face of God Himself. He always shows up when human beings are in trouble. His image, which is stamped on the heart of every person, shines through human skin. His heart , planted inside every human creation, beats with fierce desire to right wrongs. His passion to save, help, and comfort blanketed that scene of horror. His image is seen in every act of human kindness.

The ones who planted those bombs have His image too, but they have numbed it. They've done everything they can to kill it. But it's there. God wants to rescue them too. They are victims of Evil just as much as the ones who were injured. They have allowed their enemy to mold them into his image, which will result it their ultimate destruction.

No one is as maimed 
as the one who has carved God's image 
out of his own soul.

Let's pray for ALL the victims of this terrible act.


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