Do Your Clothes Fit?

“Then she took Esau’s favorite clothes… and gave them to her younger son, Jacob.”  Genesis 27:15 (NLT)

The moment Rebekah took Esau’s clothes and handed them to Jacob, she became a part of redefining who he was. She instigated a deceptive plan that required her son to be someone else in order to fit her own agenda. Rather than let God define him, Jacob went along with his mother’s idea that involved betrayal, hatred, and family crisis. Only a direct intervention from God allowed Jacob to break free of deception and discover who he was created to be.

Some of us are clothed in an identity that is not ours. Maybe you were dressed by parents or family members, compared to an older sibling,  or expected to step into shoes that didn’t fit. Maybe because of their own issues, your family rejected you or tried to dress you in the image of who they wanted you to be. Only God knows your real identity. Only He can dress you in the clothes He designed for you.

Whose “clothes” are you wearing?  Who have you allowed to define you? Has family, cultural expectations, or early experiences dressed you in clothing God never intended you to wear? He longs to dress you in His righteousness and call you His child. Let the One who designed you be the only One who defines you. Are you ready to get dressed?

For this new year, you can choose  to shed any identity not handed to you by God Himself. Let this be the year you began to live as authentically YOU.


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