The Ground is Yours

“…The ground you are lying on belongs to you….”  Genesis 28:13 (NLT)

The LORD Himself stood above Jacob, pointing at the ground. “It’s yours,” He said. Jacob could have been either overjoyed or angry. On one hand, he had just been given dirt. Lots of it. Rocks, too. What a gift. However, he was able to look beyond the obvious to the real treasure. Rather than focus on the dirt and rocks, Jacob chose to see this gift the way God saw it. It was his heritage. This would be the means by which God would bless him. Because He saw the potential in what God had given him, he could accept the responsibility that came with it.

You are camped on some ground that God has given you. You may see only rocks, but God points to it and says, “It’s yours.” He chose it for you and wants to see what you will do with it. He meets us where we are and wants to bless what He has given us. Your “ground” may be children, a job, your home, or a dream. It could also involve a challenge, a responsibility, or an unwanted burden. What has been your response? Have you seen only dirt? Or do you see it for the amazing gift that it is? Our response determines whether our gifts remain only dirt, or become avenues through which God can bless and use us.

What “ground” has God entrusted to you? Have you despised the situation or position God has appointed for you? God knows what He is doing when He brings things into our lives. He has dreams for us and gives us what we need to accomplish them. He points to His gift and says, “It’s yours.” How have you responded?


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