Freedom or License?

For you have been called to live in freedom, my brothers and sisters. But don’t use your freedom to satisfy your sinful nature. Instead, use your freedom to serve one another in love. Galatians 5:13 


Discretion: the ability to choose an action based upon its potential effect on others. Discretion is a word we don't hear much anymore in this society of rights-fighters. We proudly champion our freedom to do whatever we please, as though that was a virtue. Even among Christians, the idea of intentionally limiting ourselves in order not to offend a brother is rarely considered.

Freedom is a glorious thing, but for followers of Christ, it is a weighty responsibility. Freedom from legalism is a precious gift. Jesus has already fulfilled what was lacking in our righteousness. But to know Him is to voluntarily give up some of the freedom He bought for us. That freedom is only beautiful when it is paired with discretion. Without discretion, freedom can become license to sin and an offense to others. We have freedom to live in joyful abandon to the will of God, rather than continuing our enslavement to old passions and habits. What an awesome example to our world when those who have been set free willingly choose to limit their freedom for the sake of a broader testimony.

Freedom is the right to say, "I can do anything and God still accepts me." Discretion is the maturity to say, "I could, but I won't." Are you practicing discretion in your personal life?


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