Guess What I Found Out...!

Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. 1 Corinthians 13:6

There is nothing quite so delicious as a juicy piece of gossip about someone we don’t like. Our hearts give an evil little jump when we hear that somebody got what was coming to them. And then—we hate to admit it—but we feel disappointed when we find out that bad news wasn’t true. You mean the jerk got promoted, not fired? The hateful woman at the counter got engaged, not dumped? Sometimes, we’re even mad about it. We are the opposite of this verse. We often delight in evil and refuse to rejoice with the truth.

This verse convicts us all. Jesus told us to love our enemies, and one way we do that is by refusing to delight in their misfortunes—even when they deserve it. Love wants the best for everyone, regardless of their worthiness. Love sees people the way God sees them and hopes for their restoration. Love keeps a clear conscience and quickly confesses to God any resistance to loving. A commitment to love keeps our hearts pure and in step with God’s heart, and when we are pure in heart, we can see, hear, and know God (Matt. 5:8).  When we choose to love instead of following our selfish tendencies, we find that we are the ones who are blessed and happy.

Do you delight in evil or do you rejoice with the truth? What if you purposed to see every person as God sees them? What if by loving, you were the one who was blessed?


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