Are You a Nobody?

So Naaman told the king what the young girl from Israel had said. (2 Kings 5:4)

All we know about this girl is this vague reference: a young girl from Israel. She is never named. She's a nobody. A kid. A servant. No work was less important, no title lower. Yet, God used her right where she was. He considered her very important to the work He was preparing to do.
Do you feel like that? A nobody? Most of us are called to obscurity. We’ll never have our names in People Magazine or our faces celebrated by the world. We can feel overlooked and unimportant. But what if God’s plan for your life requires you to be a nobody in the world’s eyes? 

This “young girl from Israel” was no one’s idea of success, yet God had placed her right where he wanted her. She was important in God’s plan, and she was ready when He gave her a job to do—even though no one would ever know her name.

Are you called to obscurity? God can use you even though nobody knows your name. 
He know it.


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