Where's the Piccolo?

A guest conductor was leading a symphony orchestra in rehearsal the night before a big concert. As the music swelled to a heart-stopping crescendo, the conductor suddenly held up a hand and shouted, “Stop!”  

The musicians silenced their instruments and stared at the red-faced conductor. “Where’s the piccolo?” he shouted. 

One frightened piccolo player held up a shaky hand. “Sorry sir,” he mumbled. “I didn’t think you’d notice. All these other instruments…” 

“Notice?” The conductor’s stern gaze swept the group. “When this piece calls for a piccolo, I want to hear a piccolo.”

A symphony requires the participation of every musician. A piccolo is a tiny instrument, yet to the ears of the conductor, its music was irreplaceable. Your part in God’s work may seem insignificant to you, but to the ears of your Conductor, you are irreplaceable. No one else can create the music you bring to the ears of your Heavenly Father. He gave you a sound that can perfectly harmonize with the sounds of His other children.

When He calls for you, He wants to hear you playing.

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