“…things the LORD hates …a person who sows discord in a family.”  Proverbs 6:19

Every family has one: the aunt, brother, cousin, or in-law who delights in stirring things up. Some people cannot be happy unless they are causing drama. Often gossip is shared under the guise of "helping." With lowered voice, darting eyes, and fake concern they murmur, "You know what Uncle Bill said about your sister, don’t you?" or “That side of the family never liked us, so I’m not surprised." You may have been surprised, but now you're upset. Your emotional reaction is no accident. It was a crafty maneuver, carefully planned by the Busybody Patrol, to make them feel important.

God is so offended by busybodies that he included them on his Top Seven list. He despises troublemaking, especially when it infiltrates his church. We cannot pursue family unity when we are constantly embroiled in drama. We've all been guilty of creating discord at some point, but it can become a way of life. Are you a busybody? Consider this checklist: 

Have you ever
1...talked about someone you disagreed with instead of talking to them?  
2....secretly tried to garner support for your grievances?  
3...spread rumors? 
4…created your own little following to oppose the leadership?  
5...slandered someone’s reputation?  
6…grumbled to others when your ideas were rejected? 
7…pushed your opinion until it disrupted church unity?
Evaluate your actions within your own family. Do you create drama under the guise of “helping?”  What about your church family? 

Wise people are those who acknowledge their wrongs and seek God’s help to change.


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