Welcome, Nathan

Then the LORD sent Nathan to David. 2 Samuel 12:1

“No one has the right to judge me! Only God can judge me!” Although this has become a popular statement, a person who realizes what that means would never say it. The assumption behind those words is that anyone who points out sin is a judgmental meanie, while God is a big ol’ Teddy Bear. They seem to think that the judgments of a righteous holy God who created morality and gave us His law will be lighter than that of a fellow human being. They imagine that this Grandfatherly God will pat them on the head, give them a wink, and a FastPass to heaven. However, even a basic reading of scripture disproves this idea and shows us what God really thinks about sin. (Hint: He’s nobody’s Teddy Bear.)

King David had slipped into this mindset. He had messed up big time; yet, instead of confessing his sin and finding forgiveness, he tried to cover it up. The thinking was that if others don’t judge it, God won’t either. So the LORD sent Nathan to confront him. Nathan was not “judgmental.” He was not “holier than thou.” He obeyed the LORD’s instruction to confront his friend who was headed the wrong way. God loved David too much to let him stay in his sin, so He sent someone to point it out. God loves us like that too, and often sends Nathans to confront us when we persist in our sin. Psalm 51 is David’s cry of repentance, through which he found restoration. He learned it was better to humble himself before Nathan than face the rest of his life without God. 

Have you resented the Nathans that the Lord has sent you? Are you willing to be a Nathan for someone else? 

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