Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your minds. Romans 12:2

The old upright piano seemed hardly worth the $100 Lucy paid for it. It sounded okay, but it was the ugliest piece of furniture in the junk store. Covered with layers of white stucco paint, it looked like it belonged in a ghost-town saloon, not a nice living room. But Lucy saw potential in it, so day after day she worked with paint stripper, sandpaper, and patience. As the days passed, the thick paint gave way to a beautiful wood grain underneath. After applying stain and varnish, the old piano was beautiful. No one could believe that the gleaming piano in Lucy’s parlor had once been condemned as worthless.

We all come to God covered in grime. A thick, ugly layer of sin coats our hearts, and we often appear beyond help. Addictions, pride, and failure may cover our lives to the extent that others shake their heads and condemn us as worthless. But God is in the renewal business. He specializes in purchasing broken pieces from Satan’s junk store and transforming us into works of art. However, He only does this with our full cooperation. We must be willing to let Him strip off the stucco paint and sand us down to the beauty underneath. When we let Him work in us, He renews our thoughts, refines our tastes, and redeems our hearts.

What old ideas or sin patterns may be getting in the Lord’s way as He tries to transform you into a work of art?

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