Thank You in the Storm

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 Then he took some bread, gave thanks to God…and broke off a piece and ate it.  Acts 27:35

Taken by itself, this verse is not particularly noteworthy—until we consider its context. 276 terrified sailors had not eaten for two weeks while the wind continued to slam them like a WWF wrestler. Shouting above the storm, Paul calmly informed the panicked crew that they were about to be shipwrecked. Then he passed out the Happy Meals and thanked God—while thunder cracked and rain threatened to sink them. This was no routine prayer over the pizza. This was white-knuckle, hang-on-to-the banister kind of praying, because they saw no reason to be thankful. Do you think the sailors said, “Amen?”

It’s easy to thank God after the storm has passed—after you get the job, the spouse, or the award. But Faith thanks God beforehand. Faith is always gazing into the heart of a wise and loving God. Faith thanks God while the storm still rages because it refuses to give up hope—not hope that everything will turn out the way we want, but hope that it will turn out as God wants. Faith chooses to believe that what God wants is superior to what we want and thanks Him that He is in charge.

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