Fountain of...What?

            May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing… Romans 15:13
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You tumble out of the dusty tour van and find yourself gazing at the Fountain of Youth. You dip into its waters, look in the mirror, and…Violá!  You look ten years younger! Something in that fountain had the power to transform you and everyone else, too. The supply never runs out. You find the caretaker and ask how you can have such a fountain in your backyard.

Unfortunately, you can’t have the fountain of youth, but you can have a fountain of hope. This verse tells us that every child of God has access to that fountain. The God of hope is the fountain from which all other hopes flow. You are invited to dip into this fountain any time you feel discouraged and… Violá!  You are filled with joy and peace. The cup we use to scoop up this hope is the word “believing.” Hope is readily available to us, and we access it by believing what God’s word says, regardless of our circumstances. We believe His promises, no matter how grim our life may appear. We often label God as a God of wrath, God of judgment, or God-Who-is-a-long-ways-off. He wants us to know Him as the God of hope, because only a hopeful God can heal the bruised heart of a victim, ease the seared conscience of a repentant sinner, and repair this broken world. Only the God of hope can offer us treasure beyond this world and a reason to go on when we want to give up.

Ready for some joy and peace? Pick up your cup of “believing” and dip into the fountain of hope. 

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