Where's Your Hope?

“The terrible storm raged for many days…until at last all hope was gone.”  Acts 27:20  

All hope was gone. Is there a sadder phrase in the English language? Hope is the fuel that keeps us going. Without it, why try? Those who do not know Jesus place their hope in something tangible or something they create themselves, such as religion, good deeds, or an imaginary god. Others place their hope in their own strength, wisdom, abilities, or even in other people or circumstances. Some people put all their hope in their savings account, Wall Street, or a rich uncle, while others put hope in their own ideas which often begin with “I know what the Bible says, but I think that…” The problem with those hopes is that they are based upon that which is changeable, outside our control, or simply false.

The sailors on this ship had put their hope in the weather changing, something they could not control. When hope is anchored to anything that is part of this broken world, we set ourselves up for disappointment. For hope to be solid and lasting, it must be anchored to something solid and lasting. Within our ever-changing universe, the only solid and lasting anchor is Jesus Christ. When we have placed our lives in His hands, we can trust that He will use everything that happens for our eternal good. Even when lesser hopes come crashing down, we never have to say, “All hope is gone.”  As long as our ships are anchored to His truth, we always have hope. 

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