Self Talk


Why are you in despair, O my soul?... Hope in God… Psalm 42:5

 “What an idiot! What’s the matter with you? Why can’t you do anything right?”  You may never dream of saying things like that to anyone else, but how do you speak to yourself? When you fail.  When you disappoint someone. When you’re depressed, are you your own cheerleader or are you shouting taunts from the opponents’ stands?  Self-talk is powerful. We tend to believe what we hear, and if we keep hearing negative opinions—even from ourselves—we start to think they’re true.

When David was in despair, he talked to himself. But instead of predicting doom and gloom, he reminded himself that God was with him. When he had no external reason for hope, he reminded himself that he could hope in God. Instead of berating himself, he encouraged himself by challenging his depression. When all seems lost around us, children of God don’t have to despair. We can hope in God, as David did. Rather than look around, we can look up and our hearts are encouraged. We need to share that enthusiasm with ourselves and others. When we speak truth, our hearts begin to believe it. We can hope in God when there is no other reason to hope, because His plan for us is bigger than right now. Our self-talk should be too.

Evaluate your self-talk? Does it agree with what God says about you? Try encouraging yourself with scripture.

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