A Little Birdie Told Me


A gossip betrays a confidence, but a trustworthy person keeps a secret. Proverbs 11:13

Zach had the pedigree, the education, the looks, and the personality. He should have been next in line for a giant promotion. But in spite of his dazzling interview and stellar resume, the company went with an outsider. The hiring manager sighed as he closed the file and turned to his assistant, “I would love to have been able to promote Zach, but I just couldn’t trust him. This position requires high confidentiality and Zach has loose lips. He loves to brag and sometimes that bragging includes information he has no right to share. It’s a shame. He has so much potential.”

Have you ever considered the way others perceive your sharing of someone else’s news? What seemed to you like a golden moment in the limelight may in fact have been a signal to the hearers that you are not trustworthy. That slight shading of the truth to make the story more thrilling, the "accidental" name-dropping designed to make you seem important, the spontaneous burst of honesty when you should have used more restraint—they seem like such minor incidents; yet they may have closed a file you did not know about. Those juicy tidbits of gossip may have placed you in Zach’s category, and earned you the unofficial title of “loose lips.” Now is the time to begin earning back the reputation you want. It starts with being painfully honest with  yourself and with God. Every morning, commit your words to the Lord and ask Him to guard your conversations (Ps. 19:14).

If ten of your acquaintances were asked about your trustworthiness, what would they say?


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