Looking for Jesus

He said, "You are looking for Jesus…who was crucified. He has risen! He is not here.”  Mark 16:6

These people were looking for Jesus in the wrong place. Millions still are. Some carve His image onto wooden crosses, and then pray to the wood. Some claim to see His face in the clouds or on a waffle, and then sell photos to the hopeful. Some make pilgrimages, some make idols, and some make excuses, but they, like the disciples, are looking in the wrong places.

We tend to look for Jesus where we expect Him to be and He is rarely there. We think the right music, the right atmosphere, or the right shiver down our spines might bring us closer. We don’t find what we expect because we’re not looking for the real Jesus. The disciples went to the tomb looking for a man; Jesus would reveal to them God. We go in search of the longhaired Jesus in the Sunday School Picture, because He looks harmless and comfortably outdated. But the Jesus who rose from the dead, commands obedience, and talks about coming judgment is a little scary. And that’s why we can’t find Him. Often He is not who or where we expect Him to be. We cannot seek Him only as Savior; He is Lord. Undisputed boss. Creator. King of Kings. Judge of all the Earth. And unless we are willing to bow to Him as such, we won’t find Him either.
 Are you looking for Jesus in all the wrong places? Fall to your knees and make Him Lord, and He will be there. 


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