Dropping God

http://www.4wildblue.com/images/Two-women-on-phone.gif"Hey Carla, this is Beth. I haven't seen you at church or Bible study lately. Is everything ok?" 
 An awkward silence crackled in Beth’s ear before Carla's voice came over the phone. "Yeah, I've just been going through a hard time. I tried the whole God thing, but it didn't work for me. He doesn't seem to care about what I'm going through. I prayed and all that, but nothing changed. Okay, so I’m drinking again and partying, but my old friends make me feel better than God ever did. I guess some people can do the Christian thing and some can’t."

Have you ever felt like Carla? Maybe there was a time when you really thought you were connecting with God. Things were going your way and you assumed it was because you were right with God. Then the bottom fell out of your life and you felt betrayed. Had God dropped you like a hot rock? After a while, you dropped Him. If this was what following Jesus was like, then no thanks. Many times, we approach salvation like a business arrangement. Then when God fails to live up to our standards, we feel justified in walking away. That about-face is a clear indicator that the soil which accepted the seed was filled with rocks called “expectations.” Unless we come to God whole-heartedly, acknowledging His right to be Lord, we cannot have Him at all.

We don’t “try on” God like a pair of shoes. We only experience Him when we allow Him to be Lord of all.


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