Thorny Dilemmas

Still others are like the seeds sown among the thorns.” 
Mark 4:18

It was the job offer of a lifetime. Six figures to do what he loved. It would require some compromise of his convictions, but…
►She could hardly believe it! The love of her life asked her to marry him! Okay, he wasn’t actually a Christian, but…

►He’d been president of the youth group back in the day. But who had time for church and Bible study now?

They’d planned to raise their kids in church, but family time at the lake and ball games were important too, weren’t they?

Thorns. Thistles. Briar patches. They are a death knell to tender plants. They quickly overwhelm and overshadow any seed that tries to flourish. This world is a briar patch for anyone who desires to follow Christ. If we are not wise and on the alert, it can choke the spiritual life right out of us. We may have started well, but the magnetic pull of earthly interests can quickly overwhelm and overshadow any new believer who tries to flourish.   

When we live as though earthly delights are more desirable than eternal treasure, we are headed for the briar patch. Eternity can seem like a hazy fantasy when fame, fortune, and friendships vie for time and attention. But when we stand before God, all that matters is how we invested what He gave us.

When you stand before Jesus, will you regret the way you invested your time, money, and energy?


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