Everyone Can Do Something

Do not neglect the gift you have… 1 Timothy 4:14

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Shelly rolled from beneath the pickup and sat up with a smile on her grease-streaked face. “There! All fixed, Mr. Bellows. Just needed a couple of adjustments.” As she brushed the dust from her jeans, her elderly neighbor leaned on his cane and beamed at her. “I don’t know what I’d do if you didn’t live next door, sweetie,” he said. “You’re such a help to this old man.” Shelly frowned. “Ah, it’s nothing. Just a couple of truck repairs and lawn mowings. Since I don’t have any real gifts I can serve God with, I just help people, but I really wish I had gifts of teaching or prophesying, or…you know, one of those cool ones.”

Have you ever felt like Shelly does? You hear gifted speakers, admire talented musicians, and learn from dedicated teachers who are clearly using their spiritual gifts. And then there’s you. Compared to them, what can you do? Oh sure, you love taking care of other people’s babies, or you’re always bringing stray people home. Sure, they call you when the lights don’t work or the door breaks and you’re the first in line to give or to volunteer, but you want a REAL gift. A spiritual-looking gift. The truth is, you have it and you don’t know it. If you belong to Jesus, then He has equipped you to serve Him in such natural ways that you don’t realize you are gifted to do it. It just feels like YOU. It’s who you are. You were made for this. Whether it’s fixing your neighbor’s engine or leading a revival, God wants to see big returns on His investments. Don’t neglect your gift.

What gifts are you neglecting because you either think they’re not important, or you’re scared to try?


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