Suffering Is Temporary

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You have allowed me to suffer much hardship, but you will restore me to life again… Psalm 71:20

Maybe last year wasn’t your best year ever. Maybe the one before it wasn’t so great either. Life can be cruel and painful, and sometimes the cruelty and pain comes in waves. Job losses. Relationship sorrows. Death. Disaster. Failures. Hardships are bad enough when they happen to other people. But when they are ours, they can be overwhelming. We all go through seasons of difficulty when it seems like the troubles just keep getting worse. So if that is your story, then this verse is for you.

Hope is the hand we cling to when walking through dark valleys. Hope is rooted in the truth that the bad times won’t last forever. Suffering is temporary. The very One who allowed us to suffer for a short while will also restore us to life again. God never wastes anything that is dedicated to Him—even suffering. Only God can turn mourning into gladness, sorrow into joy, and brokenness into beauty. When it seems that heaven is silent and God is ignoring our cries, faith reminds us that He is allowing what He hates to accomplish what he loves. Night does not last forever. Morning will come, and with it a restoration that lasts for all eternity. 

God will take us to the mountaintops—if we don’t let go of Him in the valley.

If you’re struggling over the hardships you’ve faced, keep clinging to the One who restores to life again.

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